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Green Poop

Common Causes & Treatment

So you're in the bathroom taking a dump and you look at the color of your poop and realize that it is not brown.  This can be quite freightening and cause a lot of adults ask why do I have green poop?  It happens to a lot of people yet it's considered a conversational taboo around meals and people we know from our neighborhood and jobs.  Actually, a lot of people don't feel comfortable admitting that their poop color has changed from golden brown to green.  Why is that?  It happens to a lot of people yet very few openly admit it.

There are instances where having green poop suggests that you need medical attention from a doctor.  This is why it's so important to always monitor your bowel movements!  In a lot of scenarios, having green poop isn't always a big deal because it can be remedied.  Let's start with the most common green poop causes that can be remedied.

There are many causes of green poop.  In a lot of cases it is caused by the food consumed in the daily diet.  Surprisingly the foods we consume can dictate whether we have light and bright to very dark green colored poop. This usually happens when there is an overconsumption of specific "green" vegetables that contain chlorophyll, a photosynthetic pigment that gives vegetables a
green color.  These foods often include green leafy vegetables and plants such as: broccoli, green peppers, lettuce, spinach, etc...

Been eating a lot of green color processed food?  Don't forget to rule out foods such as drink mixtures, desserts, sherberts, cookies, frosting, and artificial food coloring dyes as a possible cause.  Sometimes the color it enters our body is the same color it exits.

Consuming foods or supplements that are high in iron can also cause green poop in your bowel movements because the body simply doesn't have the ability to absorb the excess iron, thus the
body compenstates by excreting iron salts that give the stool a shade of green. Be sure to check the food label of foods that may be high in iron. Overconsuming the recommended daily allowance of iron because it can lead to iron toxicity, a condition that can lead to death.

another reason why you might be having green poop can sometimes be attributed to a dark green fluid called bile that helps digest lipids in the small intestine.

Normally food enters the intestines in a green color. As it travels through the intestines, it is absorbed by bile secreted from the body's liver because it absorbs certain vitamins and fats and it also softens the feces. It's through this process that people get brown poop.

When there is a change in colinic transit time, food travels through the body faster than it should through the intestines, it doesn't allow for the feces to be excreted in a brown color.

This isn't normal digestive functioning, so it leaves the poop in a green color because it hasn't been broken down by enzymes. Possible cause of this is an onset of diarrhea or an indication of
laxitives, food poisoning.   If you have salmonella consult with a medical doctor immediately because it can be very dangerous if it is not immediately treated.

Other possible general causes of green feces can include: irritable bowel syndrome, bacteria, crohns, colitis, and food medications.

Regarding treatment options.  They really depend on what your are diagnosed with.  Only your doctor can diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions About Poop

What is poop made of?
Water, indigestable foods, dead bacteria.

Why does my poop float if yours sink?
Poop flots when it is less dense, an effect of elevated levels of gas and air.

Foods that make you poop?
If you are constipated, try eating high fiber foods.

Why is poop brown?
It comes from bilirubin.

Why does poop smell?

Why do dogs eat poop?
Because they're hungry.

Why does my poop smell like my dinner?
Ask the chef if they put laxatives in your food.

How often should I monitor my poop?
It's very important to monitor your poop everytime you have a bowel movmeent.  The color, size, shape, consistency, frequency, and smell can be used to to analyze your health and whether or not a change in your diet needs to be made.